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21 April '17

Sergey Kirienko: "Crimea has a wide range of investments projects"

Sergey Kirienko: "Crimea has a wide range of investments projects"

First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office Sergey Kiriyenko and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak opened the big Plenary Session of the Third Yalta International Economic Forum.

Sergey Kiriyenko read out a welcome address from Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to the YIEF 2017 participants. “I am confident that the Forum will take place in a positive spirit and will kick start new promising projects in the economy, agriculture, culture, tourism, and the environment”, the presidential address said.

“Huge efforts undertaken to digitise potential investment targets, including land lots intended for agricultural, industrial or investment use, has enabled both Russian and foreign investors to very quickly and efficiently determine areas for participation and investment, and such areas are plenty. The large-scale work conducted under the instructions of the President of Russia to develop infrastructure in the Crimean territory should create a modern logistic and infrastructure environment and offer investors a very good and long-term outlook in addition to the opportunities available today”, Sergey Kiriyenko said.

“The main task of the state is to create infrastructure and logistic conditions, while key business development investment decisions are clearly left to private investors for whom we must create the best environment possible”, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office said.

Dmitry Kozak added that the key issues of Crimea’s integration into Russia have been resolved: “The past three years have seen colossal efforts to integrate the Crimean region into the Russian Federation’s social, economic and legal space. The region has resolved the urgent matters of setting up state and municipal governance, and financial, economic and social administration.”

He said the urgent issues of overcoming the energy, transport and water blockade of Crimea have been resolved on schedule.

“An energy bridge and a gas pipeline linking the peninsula to Russia’s mainland have been completed, the throughput of the Simferopol airport and the Kerch Strait ferry have been increased markedly, and large-scale measures to ensure water supply have been taken, all to very tight deadlines”, Dmitry Kozak said.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that the region has set up a system of social benefits and a safety net, introduced Russian healthcare and education standards, and is gradually moving up towards Russia’s average wage levels.

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